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Who Else Is Looking For An EASY Way To Brand Their Business, Attract
Instant Attention & Lead New Prospects To Their Business?

Ever tried banner advertising before? Using banners to advertise is a great method of branding your image and business. First impressions are important and banners can often be the opening door to new customers. Therefore using good quality banners that get your message across can really make a difference to the results of an advertising campaign.

Ezines-R-Us.com advertises its banner campaigns throughout a wide network of internet marketing and business-related sites. We offer the most popular size banner of 468x60 pixels to advertise with. Plus we've enhanced our script to animate the banners with a breathing effect to draw the prospect's eye!

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How It Works
When you order a banner campaign, you will need to include the URL of the banner you wish to use. That means the banner needs to be online at a web site already. Alternatively, if you are promoting with a banner that you've downloaded from an affiliate program, you can upload the banner to our web server for your campaign.

Where Do The Impressions & Clicks Come From?
We don't use any external sources for our advertising. All our impressions and click-thrus are gained from site visitors to our internet marketing-related web sites. The quality of our impressions and clicks are high, but there is no guarantee how long it will take to complete your campaign.

You can also add as many banners as you wish to your campaign!

Custom Banners
If you don't have a banner to use, we can make a custom animated or static graphic for you. You can include the details for your banner with your order. But you don't have to tell us what you want on your banner if you're unsure... Our experienced graphic designer has been marketing for more than 17 years and will know the best text to include in your new banner. Didn't we say this was easy? Click here to order a custom banner for $20 and please include the link for the site you wish to promote.

When you select the banner campaign that suits your needs from the range below, just fill out your contact details first, choose the type of banner campaign and quantity of impressions/clicks/days. Then please click the recalculate totals button. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete your make payment and submit details about your banner.

Your payment will be verified, your account will be setup and your campaign started for you. Your order and login details will be sent to you via email, therefore you will need to white list our email address so the details reach your inbox. Please white list alerts @ ezines-r-us.com (without the spaces) in your email program. You can then login to view the statistics of your campaign.

Please note that no refunds will be supplied on completed or partially completed orders. If you have a problem at all, please contact us and we will work to keep you satisfied at all times. :-)


Contact Information
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Last name:
Contact email:
Site URL:
Address line 1:
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Login Details
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Package Rates
No. Rate name Quantity Price Total
1. Package 2 - 50k Banner Views 35.00
(0.70 CPM x 50000)
$ 0.00
2. Package 1 - 25k Banner Views 25.00
(1.00 CPM x 25000)
$ 0.00
3. Package 4 - 100k Banner Views 55.00
(0.55 CPM x 100000)
$ 0.00
4. Package 3 - 75k Banner Views 45.00
(0.60 CPM x 75000)
$ 0.00
5. Package 7 - 7 Days Unlimited Imp 14.98
(2.14 /DAY x 7)
$ 0.00
6. Package 8 - 14 Days Unlimited Imp 12.53
(1.79 /DAY x 7)
$ 0.00
7. Package 9 - 21 Days Unlimited Imp 11.62
(1.66 /DAY x 7)
$ 0.00
8. Package 10 - 30 Days Unlimited Imp 45.00
(45.00 /MONTH x 1)
$ 0.00
9. Package 5 - 500k Banner Views SALE 50.00
(0.10 CPM x 500000)
$ 0.00
10. Package 6 - 1M Banner Views 150.00
(0.15 CPM x 1000000)
$ 0.00
11. Package 11 - 90 Days Unlimited Imp 90.00
(30.00 /MONTH x 3)
$ 0.00
Total Amount Due: $ 0.00

Payment Gateway
Select preferred payment gateway:

 Note: If you have problems with your payment transaction, you are welcome to send your payment direct from PayPal to evieb @ evieb.com (without the spaces), and we will process your order accordingly.

Add your banner to our rotation. Check out our specials! Click here!

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