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Increase Your Reach With Targeted Solo Ads!

"Targeting Your Audience In Multiple Ezines Saves Time & Energy!"

Don't pay for hit and miss advertising when you can fully target your 60 line (including paragraph spaces), 65cpl solo ad to the category of your choice! Increase the response from your ad campaigns & make every dollar count! The regular CPM (cost per 1000) rate for solo ads is $2.67, with a total reach of 1,118,675 opt-in ezine readers to view your offer.

Some publishers will even publish your solo ad TWICE for no extra charge! Please see ezines marked with *Buy 1 Get 1 Free!*

The price has been reduced by 57c/CPM on ezines with more than 10,000 subscribers down to just $2.10/CPM this month. In addition, you'll receive a bonus Promotion Magnet super solo ad to be sent to more than 37,000 readers at 80 websites for every order placed.


We don't provide statistics sorry, just details of the date your ad will be published. We highly recommend that you using a free ad tracking service like Viral URL or Track That Ad for your link.

NOTICE:  Please note that due to the amount of work involved and the fees that PayPal charge, a service charge of $5 applies to all orders. It also rewards our affiliates so they can make money from promoting Ezines-R-Us Targeted-Solo-Ads.

W A R N I N G !

Please be aware that we don't provide a guarantee because we can't know in advance how good your ad copy is... or how well people will respond to your offer. That is totally out of our hands. Once your ad has been published, we pay the publisher for their services. Therefore we do not offer to refund campaigns that don't generate a good response. Please know in advance that we will not approve solo ads for illegal pyramid or gifting schemes for publication.

However, we don't want you to waste your money when you place an order with us. Your ad copy is THE most important resource when sending a solo ad out... It needs to draw the reader in to click-thru to your website. And once there, the salesletter needs to do the required work (make the sale) with your prospect. Don't think it's any other way! This part of marketing is so very important when placing an advertising campaign.

So, we strongly suggest that you learn HOW to structure a solo ad to draw the reader in to physically click-thru to your web site. If that happens, then your solo ad just did wonders for you!

You're welcome to view our FREE guidelines to structuring and writing your own solo ad for success, PLUS you can download a Free $29 Value eBook that will show you how to create and structure a successful solo campaign! CLICK HERE!

Or Consider Our Custom Solo Ad Copywriting Service

Don't waste your solo ad... If you don't have the time or inclination to write your own... then this is the ideal option for you. Quick, simple, easy and reliable. Make sure you use great ad copy! Click the following link to purchase custom solo ad copy for your promotion and have it in your inbox within 48 hours. Just $45! Sorry but we don't have time to watch 45 minute videos or to opt-in to lead capture pages. Please include the final destination link in the notes field. Once your order is confirmed, we will have your new solo ad copy back to you within 48 hours. Please note: This copywriting service does not include publishing your solo ad.

.::IMPERATIVE: Please whitelist us so we can confirm your order. If you have an AOL or yahoo email address, we will not be able to reach you unless you whitelist the following email addresses:
webmaster @ and evieb @ [without the spaces]. We highly recommend that you use a account to ensure our emails reach you.

Purchase With Confidence

  • We have been in business since 2001 and operate with a high level of integrity.
  • We have been a verified PayPal member for more than 13 years with a Seller Reputation Number in excess of 1627.
  • If you have any difficulties with your purchase transaction, please contact us through our help desk. The link is at the top of this page in the header.
  • If you still have trouble contacting us, please call Eva at +61 409499247. (Please leave a message with your email address).

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Here's How Our Shopping Cart Process Works:

Please check the individual add cart box next to each ezine you would like your solo ad published in. Each time you check an add cart box, the order total will be updated on the shopping cart page so you can see how much you are spending and work out how much you have left in your budget to spend. You may add and remove ezines as you go to make the required total of your budget.

Once your payment has been made, you will receive a back office login, where you will be able to see the date that each publisher will send out your solo ad. Publishers have 48 hours in which to update the date they have booked your solo ad to run to their subscriber base. When the ad has been run, the publisher will send you a courtesy copy and update their back office to reflect that your solo has been processed in full.

*Refund Policy Note: We do not offer refunds on campaigns before or after they are published. But if your campaign isn't processed for some reason beyond our control, we guaranteed that another publisher with more subscribers than your initial campaign will publish your solo ad.

Now that we've covered the important messages, please scroll down to select the package that best meets your needs.





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"Getting targeted ads from Eva at Ezines-R-Us has resulted in an outstanding response and a major increase in sales. Eva is completely helpful for all my solo ad needs. If you get solo ads anywhere else... you're wasting money!"

Don Perreira
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"Why can't everyone be as reliable, sincere and hard working as you Eva? Thank you for your wonderful service."

Reid Schirmer
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Business Opportunity Seekers





Dollarmines BizOpp Ezine353641$944.22 $742.65Click here to buy now!
Publishing since: 2008 - 5 solo ads published/wk in HTML format.
Online Business Opportunities - *Buy 1 Get 1 Free!*59651$159.27 $125.27Click here to buy now!
Publishing since: 8 October 2000 - 4 solo ads published/wk in Text format.

Home Business





The Free Work At Home Ezine49869$133.15 $104.72Click here to buy now!
Publishing since: 4 January 2001 - 15 solo ads published/wk in Text, HTML format.
How To Create Wealth Newsletter2259$6.03Click here to buy now!
Publishing since: 18 August 2011 - 1-3 solo ads published/wk in Text format.

Internet Marketing





LOGON NewZine - *Buy 1 Get 1 Free!*175000$467.25 $367.50Click here to buy now!
Publishing since: 29 Jan 2000 - 5 solo ads published/wk in RSS format.
Webstars2K Ezine - *Buy 1 Get 1 Free!*173000$461.91 $363.30Click here to buy now!
Publishing since: 1999 - 1 solo ads published/wk in Text format.
Christian Times eBusiness Newsletter84000$224.28 $176.40Click here to buy now!
Publishing since: June 1997 - 3 solo ads published/wk in Text format.
RUMBLES From The Jungle52922$141.30 $111.14Click here to buy now!
Publishing since: 1 Nov 2001 - 3 solo ads published/wk in RSS format.
MoreFreedom2Profit - *Buy 1 Get 1 Free!*30000$80.10 $63.00Click here to buy now!
Publishing since: 2005 - 3-6 solo ads published/wk in Text, HTML format.
eZonelink Newsletter15209$40.61 $31.94Click here to buy now!
Publishing since: 21 July 2001 - 3 solo ads published/wk in HTML format.
Your Biz Cafe - *Buy 1 Get 1 Free!*2000$5.34Click here to buy now!
Publishing since: January 2009 - 3 solo ads published/wk in HTML format.
Instant Internet Newsletter - *Buy 1 Get 1 Free!*372$0.99Click here to buy now!
Publishing since: March 2007 - 5 solo ads published/wk in Text format.

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